Young Justice: Phantoms Asks Important Questions About the Origin of Atlantis

This Young Justice Phantoms review contains spoilers.

Young Justice Season 4 Episode 10

Young Justice continues its ignominious probable sendoff with another episode that tells a far more interesting story than it shows. The pacing of each episode is so odd that I’m certain this is it for the series; the storytelling choices they’re making have me convinced it’s probably for the best.

The sequences the show selected to animate this week include a fairly rote but capably directed magical fight sequence between Klarion the Witch Boy, the Child, Flaw, and eventually Etrigan, making his debut on the show at the behest of The Phantom Stranger and Zatanna’s magical crew. The Lords of Chaos have revoked Klarion’s Earth pass due to his apparent subservience to bastard agent of order Vandal Savage, and The Child is there to help him discorporate. The battle ends with Klarion teleporting away after The Child flipped a substantial part of the Delmarva peninsula at him.

There are also a few sequences on Baby Bioship, where J’onn, M’gann, and M’ree are only a week out from Earth. These contain a nice moment of catharsis between the sisters, as well as an unexplained space bound school bus, and long periods of sitting quietly. We also check in on Beast Boy, who is, like so many of us, scrolling through his phone in bed.

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