The Book of Boba Fett Just Pulled off Major A New Hope Callback

At one point, George Lucas did originally intend to bring Tosche Station to the big screen, with the scene serving as the audience’s first introduction to Luke and a group of his friends on Tatooine. But it was cut for time and pacing, and once you’ve watched the scene, it’s hard to argue with Lucas and the editors’ decision:

In the deleted scene, Luke rushes to Tosche Station to tell his pals Biggs Darklighter, Laze Loneozner, and Camie Marstrap about a space battle happening above Tatooine (the moment the Empire trapped the Rebel cruiser at the start of the movie). It’s during this scene that Biggs also tells Luke that he’s leaving to find the Rebellion and join them in the fight against the Empire. He invites Luke to come along but the young farm boy feels he must stay to help his uncle on the moisture farm for one more season. As we all know, that season will never come for the Lars family, who are killed by stormtroopers a little later in the movie.

Since 1977, Tosche Station appeared from time to time in the pages of Star Wars books and comics, usually as a background detail or easter egg within those stories. The power station/repair shop is located just outside the town of Anchorhead, which also gets a mention in the deleted scene as well as later in the theatrical cut when Luke offers to accompany Obi-Wan Kenobi on his journey “as far as Anchorhead.”

To this day, Luke has yet to pick up those power converters.

Laze and Camie

While Boba Fett is smashing bikers through glass windows, there are two terrified bystanders watching from a corner table. Nine years after the events of A New Hope, Laze and Camie are back at Tosche Station, this time being harassed by Nikto bikers, who use the station as a watering hole after their raids.

Like the station itself, these two minor characters have never appeared on screen outside of the aforementioned deleted scene from 1977. Laze and Camie did return in the old (now non-canon) Marvel comics from the late ’70s, at one point selling out Luke as a rebel to the Empire to protect their livelihoods. No, they’re not very good friends. (Even in the deleted scene, Camie likes to make fun of Luke, calling him “wormie” throughout, which is just mean.)

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