Star Wars: How Boba Fett Escaped the Sarlacc Pit

Let’s say it’s been at least a few days — which also seems long enough for Boba’s oxygen supply to have run out. (I’m guessing here.) But how did Boba survive being suspended in the sarlacc’s highly acidic digestive system for that long? In Legends, we learn that the bounty hunter’s Mandalorian armor is strong enough to withstand the acid in the short term, but it’s clear that in both versions of the story being slowly digested still takes its toll of Boba’s body.

How Boba Fett Lost His Armor

Another mystery that needed solving: just how did the Jawas get their hands on Boba Fett’s armor? The answer is surprisingly simple. Sometime after Boba escapes the sarlacc, Jawa scavengers show up in a Sandcrawler to pick the remains of Jabba’s sail barge clean. When they discover Boba’s half-dead body lying unconscious in the sand, they quickly strip him of his armor, dooming him to roast under the scorching Tatooine suns. As we learned in The Mandalorian, Mos Pelgo marshal Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) will eventually encounter these Jawas and trade a container of valuable crystals for the stolen armor.

The Jawa scene actually ends up being another fun callback to Legends. It’s these pesky scavengers who also first discover an unconscious Boba Fett in Star Wars #81. But in that case, they confuse him for some sort of droid or cyborg, so they pack him into their Sandcrawler. He later has a run-in with Han Solo and Leia, who are trying to rescue Artoo from these same Jawas. Fortunately for Han, Boba is suffering from amnesia.

Boba Fett and the Tusken Raiders

After the Jawas leave him stranded in the desert, Boba is next discovered by a tribe of Tusken Raiders, who take him prisoner for reasons that are unclear. Despite The Mandalorian fleshing out Tusken culture, customs, and language, they’re once again relegated to cruel savages in “Stranger in a Strange Land,” keeping Boba tied up at their camp, his face growing increasingly blistered in the sun. And when Boba attempts to escape, the Tuskens beat him senseless and tie him right back up.

But by the end of the episode, there are signs that things are about to change. When Boba saves a Tusken youngling from a desert monster, he seems to earn the respect of the tribe’s leader, who offers him a drink of water.

Is this the start of a new alliance that will eventually see Boba don the robes and weapons of the Tusken Raiders? It would explain why Boba reemerged in The Mandalorian armed with a gaffi stick.

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