Peacemaker: All the DC Heroes and Villains in that HBO Max Trailer

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Harcourt kicking a bunch of ass in a bar, which tracks for this ARGUS agent turned Task Force X operations and logistics officer. Harcourt is a relatively new addition to the comics, first introduced in the DC Rebirth-era Suicide Squad book. She appears to be largely the same here and in The Suicide Squad as she was when Rob Williams and Jim Lee created her.

John Economos

That’s not true of Economos. The Economos we see in the film and here is another member of the operations team running Peacemaker. In the comics, he was one of the original administrators of Task Force X, created by the original Suicide Squad team of John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell for the first issue of the series. There, he was the warden of Belle Reve, the brutal prison that housed the Squad. He worked closely with Waller before eventually losing faith in her ability and walking away from his life’s work all together. So…good call?

Leota Adebayo

The final non-super member of the Peacemaker team we’re introduced to is Danielle Brooks’ Leota Adebayo. She doesn’t appear to be modeled on anyone from the comics, but Taystee was pretty great on Orange is the New Black and POV characters do tend to have a lot of humor channeled through them in shows like this, so it’s a safe bet she’ll be a lot of fun.


It also looks like the team from Belle Reve and Peacemaker will be joined by a new “hero”: Vigilante. Freddie Stroma is the actor under the mask, playing Adrian Chase, a character created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in the pages of New Teen Titans, and promptly spun off into his own book. Chase was a New York City DA who turned crime-fighting anti-hero after his family was killed by criminals.  

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vigilante make his way to the small screen. However, unlike the Vigilante we saw on Arrow, this one looks like they cut out a George Perez drawing and put it on the screen. This costume is amazing.

Peacemaker’s Dad

It’s probably for the best that they’re not directly lifting the story of Peacemaker’s father from the comics. Peacemaker’s father had his background dug into as part of the first arc on his comic back in the late ’80s, where Paul Kupperberg and Tod Smith made Peacemaker’s old man a retired Nazi concentration camp warden who killed himself in front of his son, setting young Christopher on a path towards becoming a superhero.

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