Only Murders in the Building Ending Explained

Let’s break down exactly what happened here.

Who Killed Tim Kono?

Jan (Amy Ryan) killed Tim Kono (Julian Cihi). Why did Jan kill Tim Kono? Well, Jan is crazy…as all bassoonists naturally are.

Some years after witnessing the traumatic events of Theo Dimas (James Caverly) accidentally killing his friend Zoe (Olivia Reis), Tim Kono was lonely. His friend group, The Hardy Boys, drifted apart after Zoe died and after Tim was coerced by Theo’s father Teddy (Nathan Lane) into blaming fellow Hardy Boy Oscar (Aaron Dominguez) for the crime. 

Into this relationship void, stepped crazy lady Jan. She and Tim met on the elevator, immediately began making out, and embarked on a torrid affair. Things were going well until Jan discovered an emerald ring in Tim’s apartment and thought he was cheating on her. In reality, Tim had secured the ring as evidence from Zoe’s death, suggesting that he was trying to take the Dimas family down once and for all. He would never get the chance. 

First Jan poisoned Tim (with some meds from her “Jan’s Lil T❤️xins” box) in her room. Then Tim went downstairs to his unit (taking Jan’s trash with him) and fell to the ground, ill. Jan started a recording of her practicing the bassoon so none of her neighbors would know anything was amiss and then went down to Tim’s place to taunt him and shoot him in the head, making it look like a suicide. 

How Did Charles, Oliver, and Mabel Figure It Out?

Jan would have gotten away with it all too if it weren’t for those meddling podcast kids. Thankfully, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel were all on the case. Oliver, Mabel, and the audience figured out that Jan was Tim’s likely killer last week when Oliver and Mabel found a bassoon cleaner among Tim’s items. 

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