Legends of Tomorrow Just Pulled off Its Own Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The parody here is pretty note perfect. The robot team’s mission is to put the Chernobyl toothpaste from a couple of episode ago back into the tube: the human Legends (well, and Gary) issued an evacuation order around Chernobyl, saving millions of lives. The robot Legends are charged with convincing those millions of people to go back to their homes and die slowly of radiation poisoning. And they mostly do it with glee.

The problem with how note perfect the parody is is that, like the source material, that perfect note is the only one they hit. Spooner, Behrad, and Nate are hardcore morons, and they don’t let up for the entire runtime of the show. Astra’s entire output is just one long, sneering hiss, and Ava chews so much scenery that I hope Jes Macallan has good dental coverage. The saving grace here is that everyone involved seems to be having a great time, so it’s hard to get that worked up over it.

The second part of the episode is really good. I’m not thrilled with the ending, and I’m having a tough time separating how I think it should have ended from how well executed the actual ending was. I think I’m being a little tougher on the ending than I normally would because of it, so maybe take my criticism here with a grain of salt, but it feels like the choice of how to end it didn’t quite pay off the tension that built up to it.

Sara starts to figure out that something’s off, and she enlists Zari to help her. The whole investigation seems to point towards Ava being the one doing the manipulating, until Zari manages to hack into one of their replacement CPU units and see the video of Gideon coming online in the Waverider. At that point, Sara runs off to tell the rest of the team how they could be free, while Zari heads to delete Gideon’s program. 

My thing is, right there? I was expecting Gideon to kill everyone.

It’s hard to explain how without being able to show you, so I will strongly encourage everyone to watch the episode even though I feel it’s the weakest of the season. But we know watching this that Gideon can see everything on the ship (besides Bishop’s evac toilet from a couple of episodes back). So the whole investigation feels like Gideon stringing Sara and Zari along, only to pull an “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Sara” moment and zap the whole crew to death. 

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