Inside DC's Legends of Tomorrow Episode 100

“In a way, it was a chance for us to illustrate how the tone drastically shifted,” Klemmer says. “There were people who are incredibly versatile, players who were kind of stuck doing the season one thing or the season two thing, and what we really wanted to do was give some of our cast the chance to come back, and do scenes that existed behind the scenes of the episodes that have totally different tones that are more akin to more recent seasons.” 

But perhaps the biggest news is the return of founding Legend and fan favorite Wentworth Miller as Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart, who hasn’t been seen on the Waverider since season 5. Miller will be joined by other Legends alumni including  Franz Drameh, Arthur Darvil, Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, and Falk Hentschel.

“Wentworth Miller did not get to do a ton of comedy in season one,” Klemmer says. “But having him back and getting to sort of invent these behind-the-scenes scenes to the episodes is a really great chance to let people enjoy the spirit of the show now, which is totally different. It was a huge challenge to try to imagine the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead version of Legends season one, but that’s our 100th episode.”

To give you an idea of how much the show has evolved in those 100 episodes, at DC FanDome we were given a “100 episodes in 100 seconds” to tease the big episode.

And another founding Legend is taking an even more prominent role than usual, with Caity Lotz stepping behind the character to direct the landmark episode.

“I cannot be more grateful,” Klemmer says of Lotz directing episode 100. “I mean, our show is just so fortunate there are things that just seem to fall into place. The fact that it landed in the lap of the one person who actually understands…if I had to explain 100 episodes to a director who was just coming to join us out of the blue I would have been hopelessly lost. But Caity’s like, ‘okay, this episode was the one with the Minotaur and that’s the one with the time loop’ so we’re like, ‘yes, thank God, you got to summarize 100 hours of TV in one.’” 

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