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What Year is It After the Hellbound Time Jump?

After the time jump, we see a mention of the exact year when Professor Gong returns to Hankuk University where a “2027 Academic Year Kickoff Ceremony” banner is hanging.

The New Truth Society Explained

In Episode 3, we learn about how Jeong Jinsu came to know about the “demonstrations,” and why he decided to create the New Truth Society. Jinsu was abandoned as a child… by his mother… at a carnival. As he tells Detective Jin prior to his death, he lived his life at a Catholic orphanage, following all of the rules so that his mother would come back for him. But she never did, and when Jinsu was a teenager, an angel came to prophecies his death in 20 years.

After that, Jinsu traveled the world looking for answers. He observed different demonstrations, hoping to find a way around his coming death—or at least a reason for it. In the end, he could find none, so he created one. As he tells Detective Jin, he made the unilateral decision for humanity: “If there is no legitimate reason behind this phenomenon, would people be able to accept it? I think they will start rioting and panicking. There has to be a reason. They need to believe that this phenomenon occurs to make the world a better place. They need to believe that it occurs so that justice can be served.”

While Jinsu claims he is doing it for the good of humanity, the argument doesn’t hold much weight. He leaves the New Truth Society in the hands of Pastor Kim Jeongchil, a man who is willing to trade Min Hyejin’s life for the position. We never see Jinsu show any empathy or care for another human, but instead see him gain satisfaction from the manipulation of the people around him. He convinces Heejung to take part in the murder of her mother’s killer, and enjoys lording that fact over Detective Jin.

“I don’t know why god is doing this, but I want every person in this world to feel the same fear as mine,” Jinsu tells Detective Jin, adding: “It’s that fear that will set people free from sin.” But does Jinsu really believe that? Or does he simply feel alone in his suffering, and wants to make other people suffer too? “I’m going to leave the world to your free will,” he tells Jin. But he’s not, is he? He has left Jin a world purposefully shaped to be predisposed against any explanation or philosophy other than that of the New Truth. He has used his time as an adult condemned to die in order to ensure that more people suffer, and feels nothing in the face of that suffering. He has hidden his anger and hate and hunger for power behind the veneer of civility, and called it righteousness.

Why Does Detective Jin Keep Jinsu’s Secret?

You couldn’t have just filmed Jeong’s killing and decided what to do with it later, Detective Jin?

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