Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Dwight and Sherry Become Dark Horses

You see, while Strand has heard tell of the Dark Horses, he had no idea it was Dwight and Sherry behind these exploits. It’s interesting that he finds this surprise reunion so amusing—because, really, the world that these characters inhabit is way too small. So, sure, why not laugh at how contrived all of this feels? 

As for why Strand has summoned them—this is likewise laughable. Why would he seek the aid of “ethical outlaws” to find a missing person? That’s not what the Dark Horses are known for—at all. No, what Strand needs is a tracker, or even a bounty hunter, like Josiah—someone who knows how to find people that don’t want to be found. I’m sorry, but just because Dwight and Sherry found each other doesn’t qualify them for this task. If it did, Strand would have sought them out, and not the Dark Horses. 

And yet, despite all of this, and with almost no information to go on, Dwight and Sherry easily track down the wayward Mickey (Aisha Tyler). It’s hard to tell how long this takes—is it a matter of hours? A few days? And how is it that they found such quick success, whereas Strand’s people kept coming back empty-handed—if they came back at all? These are rhetorical questions, though, since Fear’s writers don’t seem to care about the logic (or lack thereof) behind any of this. 

As to why Strand is so keen to find Mickey in the first place? This is likewise devoid of logic. Certainly it’s not because he’s concerned for her welfare. Rather, he’s angry that she devised a way to escape and doesn’t want word getting out about how she did it. But, so what? This information would only be useful to anyone still inside the tower, and she has no desire to go back there anyway. So, really, Strand’s motivation for finding her makes zero sense. If she’s brought back to the tower, wouldn’t that make it that much easier to share her means of escape? (It’s phone books, by the way. The secret is…phone books.)

There’s been a bit of friction up to this point between our beloved Dark Horses, though. Is Strand’s community right for them, and for the Larsons, whose storm cellar they’ve been sharing since the bombs fell? And does Mickey really know what’s best for her? So, yes, when it comes to helping Mickey, flip-flopping ensues despite their code—or maybe in spite of it. Would Sherry really choose a stranger over Dwight? Yes, apparently, since the two go their separate ways. (This happened last season too, if you’ll recall, only for them to reunite a few episodes later.)

As it turns out, the journey to the gym (the Grapple Chapel!) is hardly treacherous, so what was Mickey waiting for this entire time? How long does it take to construct armor out of phone books and duct tape? What bothers me more, though, is that Sherry brings back the use of zombie guts as camouflage. If this is a known trick, then why not do this all the time—like Nick used to do?

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