Doctor Who series 5 episode 5: Flesh And Stone review

However, she did drop major hints that she killed the Doctor. Could that be the spoiler that she’s been warning us about? Possibly, but we don’t quite buy it. Here’s hoping we get more answers when she returns. That’ll be when the ‘pandorica’ opens by the sounds of it (first mentioned in The Eleventh Hour if memory serves), whatever and whenever that proves to be.

So let’s, then, deal with the most contentious part of Flesh And Stone, that epilogue at the end, which we just happened to really like, especially given how much it shakes up Amy’s character.

There were rumours before the series started that Amy was to have a bit of promiscuity about here, and while you couldn’t say they were realised, she was certainly keen to have her way with the Doctor. It was an odd scene in ways (and granted, it came following one of the more terrifying situations that a Doctor Who assistant has had to go through alone), although we were glad to get back to why she ran away from her wedding so easily back in The Eleventh Hour.

There’s a mirror, of course, to the Donna Noble story here. A wedding? Hints that she’s pivotal in some way to a problem the universe is facing? That sounds familiar, certainly. But there are clearly surprises up Amy’s sleeve yet. She’s not followed the Donna Noble template as a character thus far, and we don’t expect her to start now.

What we do expect is for that basecode, which is dated to 26th June 2010, to become a huge part of where the series is going. That date, if our calculations are correct, is the day when the 13th and final episode of the series is due to be broadcast (unless there’s the usual Eurovision break, in which case it’ll mark the first episode of the end two-parter). More clues are likely to be coming in due course, and they’re not all likely to be overt as that crack in the wall.

We might not have long to wait for more information either if that episode ending is anything to go by. For once again, one Doctor Who episode looks like it’s going to loop into another here. It’s certainly left open one or two intriguing narrative threads, and as we leave the Doctor and Amy for another week, it really looks as if the weight of the universe is on their shoulders.

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