The Best Star Trek Holiday Gifts

Star Trek Wine 3-Pack

Although the official Star Trek wine shop is sold-out of the excellent Chateau Picard red, there are several other good Trek wines you can snag. The “Ultimate 3-Pack,” gives you Klingon Blood Wine, United Federation of Planets Sauvignon Blanc, and UFP Old Vine Zinfandel, which is a red. Having drunk two of these wines personally, the good news is that this is legit wine.

Buy Star Trek Wines: The Ultimate 3-Pack.

Vulcan Salutes Only T-Shirt

Social distancing can feel like a bummer still, but luckily, Star Trek invented the most perfect touchless greeting of all time, years ago: The Live-Long-and-Prosper Vulcan salute! There are a few variations of these kinds of shirts floating around, but this one, that simply says “Vulcan Salutes Only” is a friendly, logical way to avoid shaking hands with someone, and, also, gives you an excuse to flash the Vulcan salute whenever you feel like it. 

Buy Vulcan Salutes Only T-Shirt here.

XL USS Defiant Starship Model

The  Eaglemoss starship collection is, at this point, somewhat legendary. But if you’re buying a Star Trek ship for a super-fan, you might be worried they’ve got a few spaceship models already, right? In other words, how many Enterprises can you have? Well, the 85-inch USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine might be the answer. Captain Sisko’s warship that was designed to fight the Borg, but later fought the Dominion, and even time-traveled a  few times, is one of the sleekest, most underrated Trek ships ever. 

Eaglemoss collaborates directly with archive materia from Paramount and CBS to recreate 100 percent accurate models. In other words, these ships are the real deal.

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