Here’s What Scream 5’s Title Could Mean for the Franchise

With Scream though there might be something a little bit more meta going on here – namely how the movie will relate to 2018’s Halloween reboot, which was actually a sequel to the original 1978 Halloween, ignoring the rest of the Halloween series. A movie, which was just called Halloween.

Since it’s arrival in 1996 Scream has always been in dialogue with classic slasher movies and Halloween has been a key reference point from the off, along with Friday the 13th and others helping to form the ‘rules’ Randy (Jamie Kennedy) explains to Sidney (Neve Campbell) and the gang. It was both a celebration of, and something of a critique of, classic slasher tropes with our hero Sid complaining:

“What’s the point they’re all the same, some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act and is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door, it’s insulting.” 

That, of course, is not the definition of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) a final girl who has far more in common with Sidney after all – and is the very opposite of a 2D character making bad choices in 2018’s Halloween.

Just like Halloween in 1978, Scream changed the landscape of the slasher movie forever. It spawned a whole era of glossy meta-horrors, it was part of the jolt that shifted the balance in terms of gender roles in genre, helping to convince execs that horror was not the domain of men and it cleared the way for a whole new subgenre to thrive (namely torture porn – which has now dissipated – but it’s all just different flavours…).

So it would make absolute sense for a Scream reboot to once more glance at its mentor franchise for a reference point.

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