Valorant: Best Agents for the Episode 4 Meta, Ranked

Learning to love Viper means learning to love the value of holding a position and generally trolling the enemies with your toxic cloud abilities. Once you get a feel for her resource management mechanics, you’ll be able to turn Viper into the kind of Agent that enemies have to “play around,” which is honestly a big part of the reason why she’s so valuable. 

6. Skye

A series of fairly recent buffs have been very good to Skye and have helped turn them into an Agent that may look like a scout/utility pick but has grown to be very during pushes and more aggressive styles of play. If you’re comfortable working remotely, you can really take over a game with Skye in some unusual ways.

Of course, it’s Skye’s AOE healing ability that really puts her over the top. While it’s obviously noteworthy that Skye’s healing skill doesn’t allow her to heal herself, the fact Skye tends to hang back more than other Agents means that it’s easy enough to avoid certain situations where you absolutely need to refill your heal pool as quickly as possible. 

5. Astra

One of the biggest hurdles to learning Astra is that there really aren’t many other Agents like her. While she’s ultimately looking to help control and hold a certain area, her abilities are so complex and unique that I wouldn’t recommend committing to her unless you’re really willing to learn her full kit and endure some of the bruises that come from playing her “the wrong way” in the process.

All of that being said, Astra is absolutely a top-tier Agent. Her Gravity Well ability can quickly derail an enemy push, and her smoke and concussion skills really let you turn a particular part of the map into a living nightmare. Oh, and her Ultimate is arguably the best overall barrier in the game. 

4. Raze

While an Agent’s performance in a solo queue situation isn’t the biggest determining factor to their overall rankings, there’s almost always something to be said for an Agent whose playstyle allows you to help dictate the pace of a match regardless of what else is happening or how good your team is.

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