15 NES Games That Deserve a Sequel

Yes, you’d probably have to update the basic Duck Hunt concept to make a Duck Hunt sequel engaging for more than a few minutes, but there is a simple joy to the original game that has survived throughout the years and could be used as the basis for an entertaining modern game (if it’s done well). 

14. Demon Sword

This is a mostly obscure relic from the NES’ considerable collection of classics, and, if I’m being honest, there are quite a few reasons why this game got buried by so many other memorable NES action titles.

However, I love the idea of a game that revolves around a weapon of destiny that the player upgrades as they progress. There’s a simple joy to this action title that is complemented by Demon Sword’s fantastic style, music, and world.

13. Blades of Steel

Due respect to every hardcore hockey fan out there, but I just feel like hockey games are better when they’re relatively simple. So far as simpler, arcade-like hockey games go, few have ever done it better than Blades of Steel.

With its fast-paced gameplay and memorable fight minigames, Blades of Steel is a gift that just keeps on giving. I know Konami doesn’t really make games anymore (at least in the traditional sense), but this purely enjoyable gem absolutely deserves a sequel.  

12. Journey to Silius

Journey to Silius began as a Terminator adaptation, but when developer Sunsoft lost the rights to that property, they were forced to change the project’s graphics, plot, and characters in order to avoid any association with the James Cameron film.

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