25 Most Underrated Horror Games Ever

Eternal Darkness’ sanity mechanics rightfully steal the show in most retrospectives about this game, but the thing that elevates this title above even that incredible “gimmick” is the strength of its characters, lore, and centuries-long narrative. Oh, and it’s also incredibly scary. 

18. Resident Evil Outbreak

Even if more people had bought into the idea of a multiplayer Resident Evil experience in 2003/2004, the fact of the matter is that the PS2’s limited online capabilities likely would have been enough to guarantee this game’s “novelty” status.

That’s truly a shame, though, because it turns out that sharing a classic RE adventure with other players is actually an incredible experience. Capcom needs to revitalize this concept for a modern age and allow more people than ever the chance to experience what was, at the very least, a great idea.

17. Rise of Nightmares

To be perfectly honest, the words “Kinect exclusive horror game” should probably tell you all you need to know about why a lot of people never even bothered to try to play Rise of Nightmares in the first place. Indeed, this game’s motion controls might just be its consistently worst quality. 

Look beyond the platform, though, and you’ll find a more than solid throwback horror experience that experiments with enough new ideas to make this title’s already satisfying fundamental horror gameplay feel fresh. This over-the-top, almost arcade-like horror game deserved to find a wider audience. 

16. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

At the time of Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare’s release, I remember many people dismissing the game as a forgettable RE-like survival horror title lost in an ocean of relatively similar experiences. 

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