Halo Infinite Shader System Leaves Fans Worried About Destiny Comparisons

In a post on the Halo Waypoint blog, developer 343 Industries details Halo Infinite‘s cosmetic system following the controversial reveal of upcoming in-game promotions.

“Over the last few weeks, a number of different marketing promotions have started popping up around the world with partners offering a variety of in-game customization offers for Halo Infinite,” says community manager John Junyszek. “Admittedly, product promotions weren’t how we originally envisioned sharing the first look at some of these customization elements. In our last Community Update, we offered a closer look at the ‘Monarch’ armor coating – a special award being offered by Mondelez (US & CA), and before that, we shared a closer look at the Monster Energy weapon coatings in this Xbox Wire blog. Overall it’s been great to see excitement for this early look at some of Halo Infinite’s customization items but we know many of you also have questions.”

Junyszek attempts to answer some of those questions by explaining that Halo Infinite will feature a new “coating” system described by designer Christopher Blohm as a “seven-layer shader that allows us to put any artist-authored color, material, or pattern into seven channels and apply it to in-game items like weapons, armor, and vehicles.” Junyszek also acknowledges that the team is aware that this decision will upset some long-time Halo fans.

“Coloration, along with materials and patterns, will now be baked into the coating, taking the place of the primary/secondary armor color options found in prior games,” Junyszek says. “While we understand that many players are fond of the previous color system, we’re very excited about the breadth and scope of armor, weapon, and vehicle customization options that will be available in Halo Infinite because of the coating system.”

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