Halo Infinite Multiplayer Will Be Free-to-Play and Support 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

Set a fire in your heart, Spartan, because very soon you’ll be able to jump into Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode for free. After a series of leaks earlier this week, Xbox has confirmed on Twitter that the game’s multiplayer component will be free-to-play for all and will support 120 fps on Xbox Series X.

That latter bit is especially interesting since it means that the multiplayer and campaign components of Halo Infinite will showcase different frame rates. 343 recently confirmed that the campaign will run at 4K 60fps.

This is a big change to the status quo for the Halo series, which has never released a new multiplayer offering for free, and it might be the right move in 2020 when other multiplayer shooters have already embraced the free-to-play model. Even Halo‘s direct competitor, Call of Duty, has a free battle royale offering called Warzone. Other free-to-play shooters include Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and Fortnite.

Does this mean that Halo Infinite will also be getting some kind of battle royale mode as well as a battle pass? 343 hasn’t said anything on the matter. The studio previously said that the game wouldn’t launch with one although that it was probably possible to create one in Halo Infinite‘s upcoming Forge mode.

We’ve yet to actually see multiplayer gameplay from Halo Infinite, but the footage that has been shown of the campaign has so far been divisive among the community of fans. On social media, forums, and even in countless videos on YouTube, you’ll find many fans who aren’t very impressed with the game’s art style or the graphical fidelity showcased in that initial demo.

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