What GTA 6 Should Learn From Vice City

GTA: San Andreas, GTA 4, and GTA 5 all feature excellent casts of characters, but the series’ cast and scripts are growing so large that we’re starting to see more of the side characters be pushed aside and made a little more forgettable in order to ensure that certain characters get the right share of the spotlight. 

Vice City showed there’s sometimes a value in scaling things back just far enough to ensure that the side characters get enough time to shine and help build a world through dialog, roles, and personality rather than digital miles alone.

Vice City’s “totally not Miami” layout is honestly one of Rockstar’s most underrated creations.

While even some players at the time of the game’s release noted that Vice City felt smaller than GTA 3 (which isn’t actually true), the city was packed with memorable locations that benefited from distinct design personalities and geological differences in such a way that made it easy to know where you were and where to go next just by taking a look at what is around you.

As GTA games have grown larger, they’ve sometimes struggled to recreate that element of Vice City. While it’s inevitable that GTA 6 will be bigger than GTA 5, there is some hope that whatever the main city is in the game (it might be Vice City again) will be designed in such a way that focuses more on it being a GTA city and less on it being a *wink, wink* recreation of an existing major city with long stretches of dull urban necessity and all. 

GTA Vice City’s Soundtrack Was the Pulse of the Entire Experience

It’s tempting to say that GTA 6 should just be set in the ‘80s like Vice City was, but the bigger point here may be that Rockstar needs to find a way to capture the feel and excitement of whatever time period they choose to set the game in. As Vice City showed, there’s no better way to do that than with a killer soundtrack. 

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