God of War Ragnarok Will End the Norse Saga, But What Mythology Comes Next?

Of course, that revelation begs the question “What comes next for God of War?”

So far as that goes, it’s worth noting that we recently learned Cory Barlog will not be returning to direct Ragnarok despite his acclaimed work on the previous game. While reports indicate that he is working on another PlayStation project at this time, it’s still not clear if that other project is an entirely new series or if it is indeed whatever the next God of War installment will be.

Back to that point, it does seem like the most logical path forward for this franchise is to explore different cultural mythologies. While it’s doubtful that this series will go full Assassin’s Creed by changing eras with each new installment, the team’s careful choice of words and this series’ incredible popularity/potential makes it highly unlikely that this is simply the end of the God of War franchise. That being the case, they’ve obviously got to go somewhere from here.

So far as that goes, we know that this series is stepping away from Norse mythology, and we doubt that it would return to Greek mythology quite so soon. Of course, that still leaves us with plenty of appealing options.

Somewhere near the top of that list of options would have to be Egyptian mythology. That’s arguably the most “famous” piece of mythology that’s still left on the table, and there are even multiple Egyptian gods and goddesses of war that the series could reference. Granted, Assassin’s Creed Origins explored that era not long ago, but we’re confident there’s still plenty of creative room to work with.

I’ve also heard people reference Aztec mythology as a possibility, which sounds absolutely fascinating. That’s an era and style we don’t see a lot of in video games, and the idea of facing off against figures as imposing as Huitzilopochtli or Quetzalcóatl is enough to get the hype train rolling.

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  • acclaimed work on the previous game
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