Chrono Trigger's Lazy PC Port is Being Fixed

Now, you can play Chrono Trigger via Steam for the low price of $14.99. This version of the game does come with two of the additional dungeons featured in the 2008 DS port of the game and doesn’t suffer from some of the re-imagined graphics that plagued recent PC editions of classic Final Fantasy games. 

However, and this is a big warning that you should consider, the release version of the PC game is a fairly straight port of Chrono Trigger‘s mobile version. Not only does that mean that it hasn’t necessarily been cleaned up and polished as much as it could have been, but it seems that this build of the game might feature some problems unique to the mobile port. Some users on Steam are even reporting that if you drag your mouse across the screen, you can see the virtual joystick from the mobile version of the game.

That’s…a bit disturbing. While Chrono Trigger isn’t a technologically demanding game, there are certain design concessions that had to be made for the mobile port of the game. Those concessions – such as blurry textures and questionable font – are supposedly also present in the PC version of the title. The number of negative reviews the game received upon its release seemed to indicate that there are serious issues present in this port. Fans on Twitter are already collecting some of the most baffling screenshots from the game. This one is especially troubling:

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Considering that Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest and most beloved JRPG games of all-time, a port such as this in the year 2018 is honestly unacceptable. Fans probably weren’t expecting a complete reimagining of the game, but these kinds of issues are impossible to justify when you’re talking about a major company like Square Enix porting a 23-year-old game to PC. 

We hope that these upcoming updates do fix the game because it really has aged wonderfully and is well worth playing to this day. Be sure to keep an eye on whether or not these upcoming updates restore the title to its former glory. 

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